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Homework AssistanceIt happens to everyone: you weren’t paying attention when the teacher explained mitosis, you forgot to take notes that day, or you were out sick—sometimes students simply don’t have the information necessary to complete their homework. Luckily, when you don’t have all the information necessary to complete school work in the classroom, it can often be found elsewhere.

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Time Management & Organization TipsThe real secret to getting school work done in a home environment is time management. Whatever the assignment may be, being organized and managing your time well will allow you to finish it on time and in a way that you can be proud of. Use these practical tips to get the results you're looking for.


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Homework Tips and ToolsSchool is a lot of work. High school students are there for at least six hours every day learning, and when the school day is over, it can be very difficult to get more school work done at home. Unfortunately for students, homework is an integral part of school, and that doesn’t seem likely to change. Don't miss these tips and tools that might help make doing homework easier.

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If you are struggling or you are concerned about your son/daughter please contact Mrs. Oltmanns for more information regarding services provided to WCV High School students. (515) 523-1313