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The Nutrition Staff of WCV want to make sure every meal served within our schools is safe and nutritious. Because WCV does not provide refrigeration for meals brought from home, we want to make sure you have all the information you may need to keep meals sent from home safe and healthy. The following links have been provided by the USDA.

United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service

Consumer Fact Sheets

YouTube Videos

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Practical food safety tips for your family from a trusted source.  Learn about food poisoning and the steps you can take to prevent it. Follow us.

To encourage co-branding, you may add your organization’s name to outreach materials and media resources. We have also included feature articles for submission to newsletters or to your local newspaper, along with talking points. A gallery of photographs and infographics are available through the FSIS Flickr site and we have also included access to consumer fact sheets.


Back to School - Pack a Safe LunchPack a Safe Lunch (Flicker) Back-to-School - Tips for Healthy Kids (Flicker)
HandwashingFood Myths and Facts (Flicker) Back to School Food Safety Back-to-School Food Safety Tips (Flicker)
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Refrigerator Tips

Refrigerator Tips (Flickr)

Danger Zone (Flickr) Hitting-the-Road with Danger ZoneHitting-the-Road with Danger Zone (Flickr)
HandwashingHandwashing (Flickr) Is It Done Yet Magnet - 2018Is it done yet? (Flicker)
Five Steps for Handwashing Behavioral Study
Food Thermometer