At Risk Information




West Central Valley Community Schools provides a system of support for all students in order for them to maximize their potential. The Iowa School Counseling Program provides a foundational Core for programs and services within the West Central Valley Community School District. The programs and services available for K-12 students are intended to support school achievement and prevent students from dropping out of school. This system is pro-active in helping students find success while in school and in post-high school settings.

As educators, we are aware that for some students, challenges exist and arise that interfere with their opportunities for success. The At-Risk Program addresses the challenges of at-risk students who are not meeting, or have challenges in meeting, the established goals of the educational program.

At-risk identification is determined by experiences and factors that affect school performance. At-risk student identification is considered throughout the K-12 school-age population. When students are identified as at-risk three main domain areas are considered Academic, Career, and Personal/Social Development (Iowa School Counseling Standards and Benchmarks).

Students are identified as at-risk when they have two or more risk factors from Iowa Administrative Code 281-Ch. 12.2:

  1. High rate of absenteeism, truancy or frequent tardiness
  2.  Limited or no extracurricular participation or lack of identification with school, including but not limited to, expressed feelings of not belonging.
  3.  Poor grades, failing in one or more subjects at semester or grade level.
  4.  Low achievement scores (25 or lower on Standardized Tests)                                                                                                                                                              


  1. Decrease high rates of absenteeism, truancy, and tardiness so students experience full core instruction.
  2. Increase student academic success and homework completion in passing core classes by ensuring academic interventions; therefore, increasing the likelihood of student achievement on district assessments.
  3. Have a system of intervention and support in place that is preventative as well as responsive to help improve the chances of students graduating on time with their peers.
  4. Assist students with personal/social challenges that could impede school success at school and beyond the school setting.
  5. Assist students in understanding the importance of good conduct and reducing the suspensions or detentions for non-academic issues during a semester or school year.
  6. Increase student participation in classroom learning activities and/or extra-curricular activities by showing the importance of school and community involvement.
  7. Facilitate access to community-based support services for at-risk students and families.

For students who experience challenges that may impede their success, the district provides a system of intervention and support that addresses specific challenges.

West Central Valley High School - Tricia Oltmanns - ( or phone (515) 523-1313)

Stuart Elementary- Meghan King- At-Risk Counselor  ( or phone (515) 523-1018)

West Central Valley Middle School & Dexter Elementary- Hannah Sanders- Dean of Students/Computers