All-State Art

All State Art

West Central Valley had five students submit their portfolio to be judged for acceptance into the Iowa All-State Art competition.  This is an extremely challenging and hard competition to get accepted into.  The best artists in the state each submit 10 pieces and must write a paper on art.  I am so very proud of these 5 artists.  It takes courage, determination, and the artist talent to put together a portfolio to be judged and critiqued by college professors.  No matter the results, each one of them has grown and achieved something in pushing and challenging themselves.  And I applaud their efforts and guts!  Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

Landry Norton was accepted and earned the top place in all of 2A as the best artist.  Her portfolio graded out as the best.  It is very hard to get accepted into All State, but to be voted the best artist two years in a row is unbelievable.  Since she could enter all state as a junior she has been the best in 2A.  That is remarkable, this shows her talents as an artist and person to be the best.  Landry did something no other artist has done at WCV and that should be celebrated.  Great work! 

Back Row- Haely Fredericksen, Landry Norton

Front Row- Faith Hammond, Tommy Teague, Kate Dredge