Conference Art 2024

The WCAC Conference held its annual Art Fair at Van Meter on April 29th.  West Central Valley High School students competed in a judge show with other schools in our conference.  Your Wildcats won the most 1st places and most total awards won by any school.  In fact they almost doubled the second school for total awards.  And to add more icing on that cake, this is the SEVENTH year in a row of earning this feat.  This is all achieved by our students’ creativity, hard work (the ability to take constructive criticism), artist talent, and a willingness to take a risk.  I can not be more proud of all our art students, both ones that won an award and those that create because they love too.  All are achieving amazing things!  It’s a great time to be a Wildcat! 

Front row: Calvin Macklin, Rylan Faust, Allison Egger, Emma Stoval, Shadow Dorherty, Anna Byrnes, 

1st row: Caleb Arthur, Jay Jones, Alayna Cather, Ash Van Ness, 

2nd row: Kiernan Hutton, Braylie Harding, Sara Titkova, Emma Sand, 

3rd row: Aron Love, Mason Sloss, Colten Kerns

Not Pictured:  Meleah Speichiger, Will McAndrews, Wyatt McKibbon, Karlie Rumley, Sophie Dredge, Wyett Heilman, Jathan Edgington, Austin Pruitt, Dalton Clayton, Kaden Russell, Micah Speichinger, Abby Johnson, Maya Richter