Always be Aware


It's no surprise to anyone that there are downright evil people in this world who want to take advantage of us. They want to trick us into doing something we shouldn't do. They want our money, our reputation, our identity, and whatever else they can think of for their gain, and our loss.


We have built safeguards into our lives to try and avoid these characters. We don't go to places they might hang out, we lock our doors and lock our cars.  But sometimes we meet someone new who talks up a good story, and seems to be a good person, only to discover they had motives different than what we thought.

New World

We live in a world today that is far different than just 20 years ago. These criminals can invade our lives through technology, and the enemy prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. (NIV) We have to stay vigilant, expecting trouble to rear its head anywhere, anytime.

Human Error

Human error accounts for the main reason cyber events happen. Using email, text messages, phone calls, and malicious websites, the bad guys are all to ready to catch you offguard. We must be always on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary.

Stranger Danger

Did someone you don't know reach out to you for any reason? Proceed with caution! Did you get an email from someone you don't know? Proceed with caution! Has someone you don't know attempted to connect with you to established a relationship of any kind? Proceed with caution!

Be Safe Out There

I KNOW that you know this stuff. But every day it is happening to someone, somewhere. If only there was an 'Edit' > 'Undo' button. But alas. Please be careful.