WCV Art Students

WCV HS Art Dept. is so proud to be taking part in the Memory project again this year.  The memory project is a non profit organization that goes to orphanages in war torn countries.  They take photos of children in the orphanages, and then send them back to high schoolers in the US to create portraits for the children.  This is a wonderful way for our WCV students to share hope and love across the world with their artistic talents.  Here is a video to show the delivery of their portraits to those orphanages in Sierra Leone.  Students that helped brighten the days of these children were: Jax Dukes, Josephine Bitner, Sam McKibben, Lainie Osborn, Tommy Teague, Landry Norton, and Faith Hammond.

As far as this year, we are just starting to spread some of our Wildcat Spirit to Cameroon.  Stay tuned for updates.  Proud to be a WCV Wildcat!  

    Mr. Claire