WCV Art Students Awards

The WCV Wildcats did an amazing job at the conference art this year, both as hosts and as artists! With all the schools in our conference bringing their best art work to our WCV High, our students responded by winning the most 1st place medals and the most pieces that received awards!  You may be asking yourself, isn’t art subjective and up to the judges?  Well, self, you are correct, it is up to the judges!  But this is the 6th year in a row we have won most 1st places and received the most awards which shows a few things.  WCV art students produce the best quality of work. Also, we have the largest range of student artists that judges recognize by giving awards too.  Take a bow Wildcat Artist ! You have earned every award and praise you get!  I am proud to see and be around the many, many talents that our wonderful students have.  Good things are happening at WCV!

A list of all the award winners at WCAC Conference Art Show:

Back Row: Faith Hammond, Karli Rumley, Lilly Macklin, Calvin Macklin, Cameron McNulty,  Tommy Teague, Gabe Gerling, Byrce Vigon, Maya Richter, Sophia Dredge

Middle Row-ish: Angelina Lincoln, Landry Norton, Jenna Oller, Kate Dredge, Alexia Norton, Nick Smith, Chelsie Reynolds, Anna Byrnes Bella Munoz, Jenna Doyle, Tasha Anderson, Zoey Rummel, Nathan Bentler, Alex Reynolds, Jesse Hovland, Andrew Morrison, Addie Feris, 

Front Row-ish: Jay Jones, Trenton Stephenson, Faith Thomas, Ruby Mitchell, Chloe Howell, Aylana Carther, Bailey Dickson, Alison Egger, Haleigh Kuhl, Malia Fuller, Shadow Doherty, Haely Fredericksen, Maddi Harwood

Not pictured:  Tasha Williams, Sadie Hill, Andrew Byrnes, Izzy Wolfe