PLC- Professional Learning Community - our district (every staff member) is a Professional Learning Committee - it is a verb, not a noun


Collaboration: a grade level or content area working together 

  • Collaboratively gathers evidence of student learning with formative assessments
  • Uses the evidence of formative assessments for collaborative inquiry that guides reflective teaching
  • Designs interventions that lead to increased student learning outcomes 

PD Learning Team Facilitators: District Leadership Team members who facilitate Professional Development

  • Facilitates training/learning opportunities for staff

  • Accesses high quality resources and align time, staff, materials, and technology


PD Learning Team : a group of educators that are working and learning about the same topic


TLC - Teacher Leadership and Compensation


Curriculum- what we need students to learn (Common Core is our guide) 


Primary Resource- the district provided resource for a given subject area (Wonders, Saxon, textbooks, etc)