Director of Teaching and Learning


Amanda Nims


Director of Teaching and Learning:

  • Promotes the expectations of the school district in a positive way. 
  • Support teacher instruction through modeling best practices, co-planning, or co-teaching, non-evaluative observations, use of coaching questions and procedures, and providing feedback
  • Attends workshops/conferences to learn new innovative instructional strategies
  • Attends grade level/PLC/department meetings in order to affect horizontal and vertical continuity and articulation of instructional programs across the district.
  • Coordinates and clarifies the standards & benchmarks, essential skills/outcomes, and curriculum mapping in all curricular areas.
  • Helps supply teaching staff with best practices and research-based resources and instructional strategies in an effort to enhance teaching practices in the classroom and raise the level of student achievement.
  • Recommends necessary changes in the curriculum, instruction, and assessment to increase the overall quality of education for teachers and students